An Open Letter To NBCC

1999 Project Lead Grad Quits NBCC

Nota Bene: On Tuesday, 23 May 2006 at AM 10:28:58, I received an unsolicited e-mail.
This e-mail, from NBCC contained over seven hundred disclosed e-mail addresses. The e-mail was entitled: Apply today for NBCCF's Quality Care Project LEAD! Deadline: June 9, 2006

Earlier this month I had quietly disassociated myself from NBCC through an e-mail I sent to them through their web-site, because I had received word that NBCC had dared to award The Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer and its President, Karen Malec, a nefarious prize, created for the express purpose of attempting to discredit and ridicule another breast cancer organization and its leader, for reporting Abortion-Breast Cancer facts, that The National Breast Cancer Coalition both denies and witholds from women. In addition, the shocking name of the award is disgracefully insulting to breast cancer survivors.

I expected never to receive another e-mail from NBCC, least of all an invitation to participate with them in a Project Lead training program where they were certainly going to avoid giving the verifiable facts of the Abortion-Breast Cancer link.

I "replied to all" with the open letter of resignation below...
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
1999 Project Lead Grad Quits NBCC

Dear NBCC:

NBCC has let we who are breast cancer survivors down.

NBCC's insulting and cavalier attitude towards breast cancer survivors by foolishly creating a peevish and juvenile award, so unprofessionally, denigrates and distresses us.

You have taken upon yourself the role of tobacco companies hushing the research that showed lung cancer was related to cigarette smoking for years before the public was informed.

You deny the physiological pathways of the abortion-breast cancer link, which have been proven in peer-reviewed research for years.

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor with bilateral mastectomies. I graduated Project LEAD's science program in 1999. I read the information below, claiming we could come again to Project LEAD and learn more about breast cancer. But I know you are purposefully leaving out critical information concerning the abortion breast cancer link.

In 2001 I wrote an article ("Way Past Pink") for MAMM magazine that was declared by MAMM magazine to be "The Breast Cancer Manifesto".
We veteran survivors are watching you, the breast cancer organizations, checking to see if you are releasing all the information we need to have: The abortion-breast cancer link is information, based on proven research all women need to know about and you are not speaking about it; you have another agenda, more important than getting the facts out to women: "abortion-rights" are more important than women's health and right to know.

Your ideology stepped into the bus and relegated women's health to the back seat.

I quit the National Latina Advisory Council of another breast cancer organization in 2004, when I learned that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was funding the Planned Parenthood Federation ($475,000 in 2003), ostensibly to pay for breast services at PP clinics. But money is fungible, and breast services went DOWN that year while abortion services went up.

There is a link between abortion and breast cancer just as there is a link between the organization Planned Parenthood which aborts hundreds of women a year, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This ties abortion firmly to breast cancer, Komen is still paying for abortions through their donations to Planned Parenthood, even if they claim they are giving it for other purposes; and NBCC is still tearing women down by keeping the facts from them:
Abortion Increases Breast Cancer Risk.
NBCC by refusing to speak out the facts of the A-BC link, is a PINK MONEY organization,like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, hiding its head in the sand while women perish.
Abortion may not be the only cause of breast cancer but it is causal. Read the facts for yourself and do not depend on the flawed Melbye and Beral studies. (Breast Cancer Prevention Institute )

NBCC's insulting and cavalier attitude towards breast cancer survivors shows they are hardened against the physiological pathways of the abortion-breast cancer link. I have read some say all AB-C proponents are "Catholic pro-lifers", I am not Catholic and I had two abortions in my history, and all my family history of breast cancer was still in my future at the time, (mother, grandmother and cousin 1 year younger than I, deceased due to breast cancer). Pro-choice Dr. Janet Daling's 1999 study puts me at 270% risk of A-BC. She was right. I wish I had the information I needed at the time.

I am Native American Taino-Latina and I believe women, especially women of color who develop more aggressive breast cancers than Caucasian women, have a right to know. I shared this information throughout Australia and New Zealand last year. The Aboriginal women there say "Abortion is Genocide" and were glad to be armed with the facts that abortion increases breast cancer risk.

American women deserve no less.

I suggest that you apologize to the Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer and its President, Karen Malec who said,
"Human biology will never conform to human ideology. For optimal health, ideology must conform to human biology."
(Karen Malec, President, Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer. ( )

I suggest you destroy your tarnished award and hide it in your Hall of Shame. Get behind the life-saving information for women that Abortion Increases Breast Cancer Risk.

There is no time to waste.

Eve Sanchez Silver
Medical Research Analyst
Executive Director
Cinta Latina Research

Please remove my name from your lists.